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Union TufTow

  • Fabricated from high strength Technora® aramid fiber for maximum strength to diameter ratio and low stretch for safety.
  • High strength/low stretch stranded fiber core construction
  • Double protective jacketing:
  • Inner braided polyester jacket
  • Outer urethane coating
  • Spliced eyes furnished as soft eyes reinforced with high tenacity fiber or with optional wire rope thimbles (“hard eyes”)
  • Standard color is black, other colors available upon request
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TufTow towing lines offer the strength and low stretch of steel wire rope at a fraction of the weight. These products are ideal replacements for steel wire rope or chain.

TufTow tow ropes are available in the following sizes:

Part Number (Dia.) Weight RBS
in mm lb/ft kg/m lb kN
1 25 0.4 0.5 100,000 445
1 1/2 38 0.6 0.9 210,000 934
1 3/4 44 0.9 1.3 310,000 1,379
2 3/4 70 1.8 2.7 590,000 2,624
3 76 2.5 3.7 830,000 3,692

Other sizes and colors available upon request.

TufTow towing ropes are spliced to order.  Please specify:

  1.  Finished Rope Length (eye to eye)
  2. Thimbled eye or soft eye (standard)
  3. If soft eye, specify size if other than standard.

Standard eye opening dimensions:

  • Length = 10 x rope diameter
  • Width = 5 x rope diameter


TufTow rope care: All ropes are subject to wear. To maximize the life of your TufTow products, avoid rope-on-rope abrasion. Do not use the TufTow rope in choke, use proper sized tow lugs and avoid sharp edges. Store away from vehicle roadways and protect from rodents.

Phillystran manufactures high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members from fibers such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Dyneema® and Zylon®. Phillystran also manufactures polyester ropes for specialized applications. Phillystran products are used worldwide in a broad range of marine, industrial and military rope applications including mooring lines, life lines and winch lines, boat rigging, structural and support lines, power cables and broadcast tower guy cables.